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The boom in mobile application technology in 2016 has provided users with a plethora of options. But in a fast-rising aspect of technology, it has become imperative to highlight trends that will shape the direction of mobile technology in the future.

Conversational interface

A recent study established that messaging is a prominent function most used by people to tend their communication needs.  Oftentimes, people engage in regular conversations whether for business or pleasure all around the world, round the clock.  With the unique user-friendly options exhibited by virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Echo, the expectation is that conversational interfaces will soon take mobile technology to unimaginable heights.

User Experience Analytics

The proliferation of mobile applications has made it possible for the young and old to be conversant with the capacity of technology to improve their lifestyle.  What is paramount now is to ensure the competencies of mobile applications is properly harnessed. This can be done through the feedback provided by users. User feedback can be analyzed through a set of Qualitative Analytic tools provided by developers with a view to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their products. This trend is prevailing, but improvements to meet specific details will stimulate the awareness that most applications are grossly under-used or misused.  Personalization in UI Design The availability of metadata about the user ensures that mobile applications are easily adaptable to user-layout.

With a personalized UI Design, the application is able to switch conveniently to the satisfaction of the user. It is hoped that knowledge advancement will empower developers to be more-focused on innovative solutions that satisfy specific individual needs.